Our People

Michael Sheyahshe | Artist/Technologist

Michael Sheyahshe is an enrolled member of the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and has been published in various magazines and journals and his book, Native Americans in Comic Books: A Critical Study, is available from McFarland publications. Michael received two separate Bachelor degrees (cum laude) from the University of Oklahoma: one in Native American Studies and another in Film. Michael earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 3D Modeling from the Academy of Art University.

Michael's comic book character, Dark Owl, is featured in a collaboration with the Indigenous Narratives Collective ("INC") in INC's Universe #0. Literati Presents "What The Stars Must Think Of Us", features a story written by Mary Skaggs and illustrated by Michael. Strike & Bolt, a story written by Michael and illustrated by George Freeman (Captain Canuck) appears in AH Comics' Kickstarter-funded, MOONSHOT: The Indigenous Comic Collection. Michael achieved the rank of Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) in Okinawan Karate in 2013.

Mary Skaggs | Chief Financial Officer

Mary Skaggs is a former English teacher and writer. Her poetry has been published both online and in New Plains Review. She received a Bachelors in English Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She taught writing, literature, and grammar at Putnam City West High School, and has many years of experience in the federal government sector.

Mary is a avid practioner of Yoga and feels that dessert is the best part of any meal. Her passion for life is fueled by many things, including: her children, her grandbaby, good music, constant reading, her (soulmate) chihuahua, and of course, bunnies. Among her numerous and varied talents, Mary provides expert oversight in aNm's documentation as well as professional proofreading.

David Downs | Senior VP Marketing

David is an rabid sports aficionado, an obsession which began with the achievement of various personal awards and state records during his athletic career. He has an extensive breadth of experience in sales as well as a good-natured congeniality that allows others to connect easily with him. In addition to cutting his teeth in sales, David has moved to the Technology field, focusing on Information Technology, Networking, and SysAdmin.

David's golf handicap is passable and he continues his sports legacy by supporting and cheering for his children in their various sporting and academic events, each of whom excel in different areas. David enjoys occasionally pleasing a crowd with karaoke and the fine taste of barbecue during cookouts with family and friends.

Amanda Petrey | Public Relations Liaison

Amanda is able to flex her several years of professional experience and real world know-how into powerhouse of public relations & marketing. Amanda is highly successful in all areas of promotions, whether making first impressions in a kiosk or booth on a showroom floor, interacting with public relations professionals to promote her product, or pampering important clients in both an upscale nightclub or a high-end sushi restaurant.

While she caries the academic authority with her credentials, a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma, Amanda has the chops to back it up, having mastered a gambit of skills in her vocation. Aside from spending time as 'super Aunt' with her nieces and nephews, Amanda enjoys college football, NBA games, and the feeling of warm sunshine with the ocean breeze.

Mike Raines | Developer

Mike has more than 17 years of experience authoring and adminstering web sites and interactive media for a variety of clients and industries. His work has included ultization of industry standards such as Adobe Flash as well as creation of custom back-end applications.

He has been either the lead or the sole developer for many of the projects he has worked on, seeing the projects through from the initial design stage to completion. Mike continually seeks new tools and technologies that will allow him to improve and enrich the user experience.

Jera Winters | Grants & Financial Development

Combining her unique mix of academic credentials, higher-ed experience, professional tenacity, and real-world knowledge, Jera provides expanded stewardship for aNm in the specialized areas of grants, grant-writing, promotions, and financial development. She has devoted her career to seeking opportunities for organizations to expand their reach and financial capabilities.

She proliferates and shares her artistic and creative spirit in a variety of publically-available means. Her 'Jera Winters Art' page is available for viewing on Facebook and her retail outlet on Etsy allows her patrons to easily purchase her sought-after works and crafts.