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Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview with C&I

With the upcoming summer 2011 film, Cowboys & Aliens, Cowboys & Indians Magazine interviewed me about Natives representation in pop culture. Read more info here:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dude Vision - Google Video

Indie Filmmaker

Jon Proudstar, a Native individual that I had the pleasure to interview for my book based on his creation of Tribal Force comic book, has a new film out called Dude Vision. The movie is a short (around 27 min or so) and is worth viewing, as it presents ideas from the view of a Native American male.

Also, it is worth noting, the film does not suffer from many stereotypes that can be found in media. A positive example of this is Jon's character, an Indigenous man, does not drink. Here's another stereotype-buster: the film isn't an "art film" and doesn't portray the "plight of the Indian" (to paraphrase Vine, we will miss him!)'s a straightforward story from a particular point of view.

Good work, Jon. Keep 'em coming!
Check out Dude Vision - Google Video